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What To Expect (FAQ's)

  • How long are the therapy sessions?
    Individual Sessions are typically 50 minutes long. Couple’s therapy is 90 minutes long.
  • Do I need to prepare for the session?
    No. Once we have settled in, we will typically identify goals to be explored during the course of your therapy sessions. Therapy goals can change over time.
  • Is therapy covered by my insurance?
    Many insurance companies do cover psychotherapy and counseling services. It is best that you confirm with your insurance the coverage you have before your therapy. Typically, insurance will ask you to pay upfront and then submit your receipt for reimbursement.
  • How many sessions do I need and how often should I schedule my sessions?
    To get the most of your therapy, it is always recommended to start with weekly sessions. The number of sessions will depend on your progress and our work together. Typically, 12 to 16 sessions are a good aim to gauge progress and see results. Therapy sessions are uniquely designed to treat each person’s needs and readiness for change.
  • What should I be looking for in a therapist?
    There are lots of great therapists who are doing all types of therapy. One of the successful key factors in therapy is the therapeutic relationship that develops between the therapist and the client. Having said that, therapy should feel good and you should experience a trusting relationship with your therapist, truly, you should find a therapist who is a "good fit". It is always better to start with an initial consultation call and ask questions like: Do you have there experience dealing with people with your area of concern? If you feel good about the initial call, go ahead, and book your first session. You will need to pay for the first session, but it will be money well spent if you decide that this therapist is not for you. Always follow your gut instinct and although your family or friends may have benefited from their therapist, it does not have to mean that this therapist is "your good fit" therapist.
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